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Screen Check Polaroid Commercial ID Systems
North America
Easy Pre-Registration for Large Events or Sporting Leagues via the Web Web Reg
pre-registration application for Large Events & Leagues

What is WebReg?
WebReg is an application designed to capture variable data from any PC to allow an event participant to pre-register for their ID badge.


The Problem
A problem exists for any organization that needs to register a large amount of people in different geographical areas.

The Solution
The ScreenCheck WebReg solution uses the Internet to reduce the scope of work.

How Does it Work?
The system is web-based and pre-registers anyone from any PC. The web plug-in can be linked to any event¿s current web site, and it re-routes the registrant to the back end registration web site The registrant enters the required demographic information through any web browser and uploads his photo through a local webcam, and a confirmation email is sent to the registrant and it includes a unique registration barcode and ¿pin¿ number that prints as a receipt. This receipt is then exchanged at the event for an ID badge which streamlines central badge issuance process because the person data and photo is already in the event database.



At the event:

An optional system feature performs a 1:1 verification using a handheld to authenticate the participant¿s identity. Scan the chip card to display the stored chip information including the photo. The handheld unit is ruggedized for less than optimal outdoor weather conditions. Every card contains a unique number and is issued only once. All processes are logged in the audit table to generate reports for the various activities.

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