Team Nisca Continuing Challenge

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Creation of Value for the Future

Nisca's Continuing Challenge

Giving our customers what they want in R&D and in quality assurance.

Nisca constantly strives to transform market demands into new technologies. No matter how satisfying a project may be to our engineers, it is the market that ultimately passes judgment on its value. It is precisely for this reason that we are ready to boldly challenge the perceived limits of current engineering when it may yield what our customers need. This stance of ours will not change. Nisca is also working to further raise the level of professionalism of each of its engineers, with the goal of ¿one achievement per person.¿

Nisca Corporation was established in 1960 and today has over 830 employees in four locations. Our motto of ¿Creation of Value for the Future¿ is evident in its investments for future success:

A reinforced quality assurance program through ISO 9001 certification. In January 1995, Nisca received ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality assurance. Our QA program has received recognition on an international level. We strive to offer products which will satisfy all our customers with reliable quality from the initial design through after-sale service.

An environmentally conscience view through ISO 14001 certification. This irreplaceable world in which we live is now undergoing environmental turmoil, even as science and technology continue to surge forward. As a corporation contributing
to society with the motto of ¿creation of value for the future,¿ Nisca received international ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system in September, 1999. Specifically, we have begun making efforts to use power and water more efficiently, appropriately reducing such waste such as building materials and scrap paper, and other similar activities. All of us at Nisca

quality full color ID cards for corporations, education, and government organizations. With thousands of hard-working printers and hundreds of loyal Dealers, VAR's, and System Integrators around the world, Nisca continues to be the leader in the Identification Card Printing market place.

Nisca technological leadership is obvious market wide:

  1. Delivered the first dual sided printer, 1994

  2. Delivered the first easily changeable ribbon cassette, 1994

  3. Delivered the first self-aligning print head, 1996

  4. Delivered the first modular lamination unit, 1996

  5. Delivered the smallest dual printing and laminating system, 2000

  6. Delivered the fastest dual sided printer, 2004

Nisca ID card printers are sold through the Team Nisca sales organization, located in Somerset, NJ, USA. The facility in Somerset provides sales, stocking, and warranty services for Nisca products sold globally.

are committed to working together in the same spirit of accepting challenges that has served us well in R&D to grapple with this problem.

Nisca Corporation offers a broad product line ranging from ID card printers to paper handing systems for the photocopier industry. The company's ability to manufacture many of its required components is critical to our success in controlling quality and reliability in our product offering.

Since the Nisca ID Card printer's introduction into the marketplace in 1994, Nisca printers have been producing high

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