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Thermal Label Printers

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Thermal Label Printers

Thermal label printers provide organizations with a number of advantages compared to the alternatives. There are many applications for which these machines are suited, ranging from labeling large packages to dispensing receipts and identifying specimens. For any of these purposes, thermal printers produce labels that are easy to read and quick to produce.

Advantages to Using Thermal Label Printers

Thermal label printers are available from globally recognized manufacturers such as Zebra. "...Some of the models are capable of high-density printing, creating crisp graphics and text in small areas." Thanks to the clarity these printers offer, the labels they produce are often used in medical labs. For example, if multiple employees will handle important vials, the labels can reduce the chance that an employee misreads the written information. This level of clarity can even be obtained at high print speeds. On some printer models, more than a foot in length can be run in one second. In addition to being clearer than dot matrix or inkjet printers, the labels produced by thermal printers can also be handled immediately after production (there is no lengthy ink dry time).

All ID carries a selection of thermal printers from Zebra, ranging from desktop to industrial models. Representatives from All ID can assist customers in selecting the model that is appropriate for the volume of work they intend to perform.



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