ZP04001 CIM Maxima 621 medicard Manual Feeder Embosser

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The MAXIMA 621 is ideal for producing identity and membership cards in clubs, associations and small enterprises, or as a back-up unit for larger systems.

ZP04001 CIM Maxima 621 MediCard Manual Feeder Embosser

The Smart Solution For Today's Healthcare Industry



Maxima 621


Instant plastic card personalization. Ideal for producing high quality stress and patient cards.







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Maxima 621

Maxima 621 MediCard - Features

The Maxima 621 MediCard is ideal for producing high quality stress and patient cards in hospitals. Its convenient features make this one of the most hassle-free unit in the industry.

  • Cards are inserted and removed from a single access point for your convenience, using the innovative Single Point Access system.

  • Embossing area of 12 lines/31 characters per line.

  • Data is entered from a standard PC keyboard.

  • Tried and test product guarantees years of trouble-free use.

  • Ideal for low volume card issuance.

  • 4 storable formats.

Dimensions: 15.25" x 19" x 11.50
Weight: 62lbs.


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