Pointman Nuvia N10 Single Sided Printer with USB and Ethernet N10-10000ETN
When it comes to pairing your computer with a smart printer, you should be spoilt for options. If a single computing device is to be used to print cards, a simple USB port should do the trick just fine, but if you need to connect many computers to a single printer, then an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection would serve you best. The Pointman Nuvia N10 single-sided printer is a perfect fit for either option. Whether connecting a single computer or multiple computers, this device guarantees you one thing; high quality, detailed, personalized graphic printouts.

The Pointman Nuvia N10 single-sided printer is designed to produce either full-color or monochrome copies with a unique attention to detail on the graphics. This device is the ultimate solution to an organization which prints ID cards on-demand and in large volumes. If you want a single sided printer that will give you professional quality on full-color ID cards and safety of encoding then you should not look further than this all-in-one pass printer. It has a user-friendly interface, which makes its operation and servicing intuitive and user training very easy.

The Pointman Nuvia N10 single sided printer has an unrivalled blend of footprint stability, upgradeability and ease of connection with HID devices. These vital attributes developed by a trustworthy brand gives optimal value to your printouts and enhances ease of use by multiple departments in your organization.

Moreover, this printer gives you a wide range of optional features including; locked enclosures, secure encoding, high print speeds, lightweight, flexible feeding options, mobile access, a ready to run user interface and reliability. Its cutting edge magnetic encoder, contact and contactless smart card interfaces makes it a more versatile option which pairs up with more peripheral applications in different environments as compared to older models of single sided printers.

Key features of The Pointman Nuvia N10 single sided printer

Single sided printing: Pointman Nuvia N10 is a simplex printer. It has the capability to print on just a single side of the card, unlike a duplex printing unit that can reverse a card after the first side has been printed.

High print speed and high resolution: Pointman Nuvia N10 single sided printer operates on a dye-sublimation transfer system which prints 300 dpl graphics at a top speed of 190 cards per hour.

USB connectivity: The Pointman Nuvia N10 comes with a USB cord for connecting a computer to the printer. If you need to connect this printer to different computers, all you need to do is plug the USB cable from one computer and plug it in to another computer.

Capacity: The printer has a capacity to process 100 cards (30 mil) through the input hopper and 60 cards through the output hopper without reloading.

Ethernet Connectivity: Ethernet connection is the most common upgrade on single sided ID printers. Ethernet connection allows you to link many computers to the printer. This is a very important tweak especially if your organization runs an office with more than one user printing the cards.

Optional Wi-Fi Connectivity: This is probably the newest innovation to ID card printing technology. It allows you to wirelessly connect a computer or computers to the printer. This is great for an office set up with a reliable Wi-Fi network connection.

Operating Environment: The Pointman Nuvia N10 single sided printer gives optimal output within a temperature range of between 50C and 400C (41 / 104 F), a humidity range of 20% to 65% and storage temperature range of between -100C and 60̊ C (14 / 140 F).

Driver and Software: The printer integrates well with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It can also read files from Windows 2003 server and Windows 2008 server.

Why go for the Pointman Nuvia N10 single sided printer?

  • Fast printing speed

  • A compact modular design

  • Excellent HID proximity encoding (optional)

  • Contactless encoding (optional)

  • Contact chip encoding (optional)

  • Same side input-output hopper platform

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to service

  • Utmost convenience in design and use

  • Reliable; comes with many years’ warranty

  • Dynamic technology; as your printing needs change, the upgradeable

  • Pointman Nuvia N10 changes with you.


The Pointman Nuvia N10 single sided ID card printer is an advanced high quality graphic printer which enables you to produce secured ID cards from a single or multiple computers running on different operating systems. Its outstanding quality of product and security features assures you of presentable ID cards with extended life defying card tampering and deterring card fraud. It comes with a multi-directional Ethernet and USB connectivity giving you a wide range of options for printing and networking requirements. Its additional optional features include; Wi-Fi, secure locks, table lock, consistency in printing, and durability.
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