Qualities of the Fargo HDP5000 Single Sided ID Card Printer
If you are looking for a printer that is reliable for almost all your needs along with delivering the results in the best quality, then the Fargo HDP5000 single sided ID card printer is one of the best choices. Amongst the variety of options in the printers, here are some of the qualities that make the Fargo HDP5000 printer one of a kind:

  • Superior print quality

  • Reliability

  • Durability

  • Higher security

  • High affordability

With time, the printer has become one of the favorite choices of organizations that are focused on  security. The high-definition printing of this amazing printer can be used for assuring the color quality and sharpness of the images.

The printing technology used in this printer makes it perfect for organizations that only need to print on the front side of the card. The printer also makes use of over the edge printing, which means that you will get the coverage on the entire card without any white borders.

Not only this, you will be totally amazed by the printing speed of the printer. Even in extreme printing conditions, the printer is capable of printing 124 single-sided cards in an hour. This amazing speed of the printer is due to the result of the most advanced and flexible card printing technology. According to experts in the industry, this printer offers superior technology.

The use of HDP film technology is something that makes the ID card printer one of the most reliable choices. The ID card printer uses this internal technology to ensure long-lasting results. As an additional benefit, the printer is simple and easy to use and thus does not require any kind of special training.

The ID card printer has already become one of the most popular models in government offices, universities and corporations in the world. The HDP5000 makes the best choice for printing:

  • Drivers licenses

  • ID cards

  • Student IDs

  • Official cards

The printer comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Get the maximum ease for printing ID cards within no time using the Fargo HDP5000 single sided ID card printer. The unique combination of dye sublimation along with the thermal transfer process makes this printer deliver the best quality cards.

The printer is trending towards being the number one choice on the market. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the use and functionality of this printer. Our experts will get in touch with you.
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