Zebra ZXP1 Quickcard Bundle – Reliability That Talks
Are you planning to print your credentials for the first time and are looking for complete photo ID system? If so, then you need a complete package that can help you in get everything that is expected from an ID card printer.

You will be surprised to see the different varieties of printers available in the market. So how can you select the best one for your needs? Well, to answer each and every concern, we recommend the Zebra ZXP1 Quickcard Bundle.

To help you better understand the reasons that make this bundle one of the best choices on the market, let us have a detailed look at the product.

The Zebra ZXP1 Quickcard Bundle

This ID card printer is one of the most preferred for people or organizations that are beginning to print ID cards for the first time. This product is simply amazing when it comes to delivering the needed ease and convenience for users. Moreover, it is the complete package with everything you need to start printing.

This model is an extension of the popular and well-known P100 printers with a lot of additional features. Along with mobile printing support, this model also delivers 15 percent faster speed in printing.

If your aim is to fully print about 10-15 cards in a day without the need for smart encoding, then without a doubt, this printer is the best choice for you. It can be fully relied on for single side printing without any hassles.

Features of the printer:

  • It is available with or without the magnetic stripe encoding

  • Availability of quick design templates for a better and faster creation of the designs

  • Enabled with USB digital webcam for the ID pictures

  • It is available with a two-year warranty

  • Enrich with a starter kit for making work easy and simple, even for the beginners.

Items in the bundle:

When we address this product as the complete ID printing system, it is because of the fact that the printer is a complete set with a number of accessories. Here is the list of the items that can be seen in the bundle of this product:

  • 1 single sided Zebra ZXP1 printer for ID card printing

  • CardStudio ID badge software

  • USB digital webcam with Logitech technology

  • Card design templates

  • Media starter kit

  • YMCKO printer ribbon

  • 100 blank PVC cards

With the Zebra ZXP1 Quickcard Bundle, you will have all your printing needs met. Set up your printer and get started with the process of creating photo IDs.

You will surely love using this cost-effective solution for all your printing needs.
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